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▊Back at the Ravi River, Madhu, the activist, says the Indus Waters Treaty should replaced, a call echoed by other environmentalists like water expert Hassan Abbas. In addition to not addressing climate change, the treaty has damaged the rivers that it has divided, and, Madhu argues, created a culture where rivers have been stripped of their spiritual significance and turned into dumps. He points to blobs of gunk bobbing in the Ravi and an old wooden boat rotting in stagnant water. "It's not a treaty," he says. "It's the death of river, and people of river."⊙TD190N16SOF➨Those five unhappy minds are the focus of The New Earth, Row's novel about an American family that has imploded, one that's broken, possibly irretrievably. It's a stunning book, a high-wire balancing act that tries to do a lot — and succeeds.▨VJ0805A120GXAMP☀Acceptance of same-sex relations has only emerged within Indian society in the past couple of decades, as visibility of same-sex relationships has grown, internet access has spread and more Indians migrate for education and work, both abroad and within India itself. LGBTQ+ activists note a marked increase in safe spaces and queer events in major cities such as Mumbai and Delhi over the previous decade.▪C0805X152G2GEC▃Tse's extradition comes just two days after the Mexican army arrested the brother of the country's most wanted drug cartel boss, Nemesio "El Mencho" Oseguera.▢

▦But exposing it to the world is another matter. It embarrasses the targeted governments. It also shakes the confidence of frontline combatants such as Ukraine who depend on the U.S. for much of their weaponry. It has the potential to sow discord among the U.S.' allies in the NATO alliance and thereby aid the Russian invaders.♨C0603C759D4HACAUTO☀Some of the profiles in the book thus feel a little thin, the key players in certain events either unwilling to share more and admit their culpability or suspiciously made unavailable at the last moment, almost certainly under state coercion. One gets the sense reading Red Memory that Branigan is racing against time as much of the public record is erased or roped off. When she tries to visit a museum for victims of the Cultural Revolution, she finds it bolted shut for "maintenance" just seconds before she reaches the entrance.☺

▂"There is this weird feedback loop of: politicians do things, they get in the news, and so the thing that they might want to be settled is just more talked about and so it is top of mind for voters and then becomes more problematic for them," Deen explained.○

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◊"We are asking for your prayers for Payton, Keyona, Heather & Genesis," they added. "Also Big prayers for Payton as she recovers please."▫

◥The chief justice urged Khan to appeal to his supporters to remain peaceful. Since his detention, violent clashes have erupted across several major Pakistani cities, where pro-Khan supporters denounced the powerful army. On Wednesday night, some protesters tried to set a police station ablaze in the capital, Islamabad. Others, in rare defiance, publicly questioned the military's role in the day-to-day running of the country.☻

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