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☺Ahead of the protest, Vucic, who holds nearly all the levers of power, said it amounted to "violence in politics" and the "harassment" of citizens. But he said police wouldn't get involved "unless people's lives are in danger."▥1210Y1K00100KAR⇔"That's not negotiable," Biden said.⊙BYQ28EF-200HE3/45◇The highly immersive satirical novel takes us on a thrilling journey through the eyes of a writer who struggles to make her own way in the cut-throat world of publishing. In a climate where the publishing industry is being highly scrutinized for its gatekeeping, unfair treatment of marginalized writers and editors, its role in appropriation — we all remember the "Bad Art Friend" saga — and more, Kuang's novel is a strong commentary on the exploitation and rigors writers face under the pressure to be successful. What would you do for something you think you need badly? That promotion? That new shoes? That spot in an Ivy League college? That book deal? That next hit project? What happens when your entire identity becomes embroiled in your job — who is a writer if they're unable to write and publish? This is what Kuang's protagonist, June, faces in this novel.☭2220Y5000184MXT▤DeSantis’s open antipathy toward “corporate media” is a key part of his brand. A DeSantis spokesman characterized the proposal as part of a push to enforce “media accountability.” The bill’s author told The Washington Post free speech concerns are overblown.➸

▬Here are 10 sights you'll see at this weekend's coronation — and two you likely won't.❀1206Y0101P20DCT▂York Regional Police identified the slain victims as Rita Camilleri, 57; Vittorio Panza, 79; Russell Manock, 75; Lorraine Manock, 71; and Naveed Dada, 59.◩

⇥Teixeira's defense attorneys described him as a 21-year-old who didn't know his online chats would be made public. They want him released to his father's home and wrote in a brief that the prosecution's characterizations of Teixeira as a flight risk are "exaggerated."▶


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1825Y0160334KXR◑In a staff memo announcing the closure of BuzzFeed News, Jonah Peretti, the company's CEO, said social media platforms being bad partners is one of the reasons why the news division was shutting down.↖C1210C110J5HACAUTO✿Read the indictment here and its statement of facts below that:ⓔ

"A lot of us agreed this would be one of the most important things we worked on in our careers," CPSC Social Media Specialist Joseph Galbo told NPR over email. "There was a real sense of helping right a wrong and delivering something important for a community that's too often left out of many important conversations."♤

◦The NFL said that a "league review uncovered no evidence indicating any inside information was used or that any game was compromised in any way."×

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