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▋Enrique Tarrio and other leaders of the Proud Boys helped unleash a mob to stop certification of the 2020 election, part of a "fighting force lining up behind Donald Trump and ready to commit violence on his behalf," the Justice Department told a jury in Washington, D.C.✿GQM2195C2A1R1CB01Dº"We were 80 vehicles of eight or nine hundred people," he told NPR. "It took 34 hours over 900 kilometers [about 600 miles]. The convoy had to stop many times due to security checks, checkpoints, refueling, flat tires and other logistics. When one car stopped, everyone had to stop. It was painful and difficult, particularly for children."✡1210J2K00222MXT♥TikTok is the most popular app in the United States. 150 million Americans – almost half the population – use it every month. The app offers an endless, scrolling wonderland of humor, music, dancing, tips, opinion and information – short videos posted by fellow TikTok fans, and all delivered to you according to your interests. And for about five million businesses, TikTok is also a marketing tool.√2220J6300330FCR♛It was also surmised that, had it not been for the leak, Chief Justice Roberts might still have organized a majority around an alternative – such as a ban on abortion after a stated period of gestation (such as 20 weeks). That was far less likely to happen when any deviation from the vote count on the draft would be glaring.╬

►After a brief chapter that serves as a flash forward (an all too common device these days, one that often reads as if it were added in order to alleviate publishers' anxieties about hooking readers in with a mystery right from the start), the book begins: It's the late 1980s in Venice, Florida, and the local metal scene is booming to such an extent that there is now a Wikipedia page dedicated to it. Kip Norvald, whose father is in prison and whose mother is no longer in his life, has just arrived to live with his grandmother and attend his last year of high school. He's soon befriended by Leslie Z, a metalhead with a soft spot for glam and an encyclopedic knowledge of the guitars, amps, pedals, and mixes used in his favorite bands' music. Kip is utterly lost in the flood of Leslie's expertise, but when he listens to a local band, Death, on Leslie's stereo, something clicks:➼AMK325ABJ227MMHT➳Consumer advocates, furniture industry trade organizations and a group of parents whose children died in furniture tip-overs all praised the new rule as a boon to household safety.↕


◆"Did you make it in time to celebrate New Year's?" asked defense lawyer David Kenner.☏C0603C122K1RAC7867➧Disney's animated hit movie Moana is getting a live-action remake, the company announced Monday.✿CZRU52C10-HF☂Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Krissy Barrett said the arrest came after a "very complex investigation."⇄GCM1885C2A8R3DA16D▫A Delaware judge on Tuesday lectured attorneys defending Fox News in a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit after they revealed that Rupert Murdoch is not only the chairman at Fox Corp., but also a corporate officer at its subsidiary, Fox News.▃

▰20. ""Like a Virgin"" — Madonna (1984)⇐1812Y5000332FCR◈Jean-Pierre added: "No one should be attacked, imprisoned, or killed simply because of who they are, or who they love."↣


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0603J0630150GCT★Both Moscow and Beijing have accused Washington of trying to isolate them and to hold back their development as they challenge the U.S. for regional and global leadership.〓C324C391J1G5TA○The U.S. has been concerned "from day one" about the possibility that China could provide lethal support to Ukraine, Blinken said, including "everything from ammunition to the weapons themselves."✍

⇟"It's a novelty. Maybe they've never seen anything like that before, but it's real typical in Idaho," he told KTVB-TV. "When you're out in rural parts of Idaho in the spring and summer, or fall, you could run into a cattle drive or a sheep drive."☢

◆The inventory excluded federal lands in Alaska where an old growth analysis was ongoing.☁


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