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♔As of Monday, there is no change yet to Americans' ability to access mifepristone.➲1782-23G■Phencyclidine, originally developed as an anesthetic for delivery through an IV, is better known as PCP. It was later discontinued because patients experienced "postoperative delirium with hallucinations," but is used today as a recreational drug for its mind-altering effects, according to the Department of Justice.✍IPB048N06LG⇅He also noted that the jurors deliberated for over 15 hours before reaching the unanimous decision that Perry was guilty of murder — a decision Abbott now wants to overturn.卍M39003/01-5552/HSD▩Coronado is heard on a body camera saying: “Oh no, oh no.” But the available body-camera footage does not show him relaying this information to anyone else. Unbeknown to Coronado, his 10-year-old cousin, Xavier Lopez, was inside, struggling to stay alive from multiple gunshot wounds.▄

❁It's hard to imagine a darker start to a novel, and Lone Women is indeed infused with creeping dread and chilling horror. But there's more to this book than just that — it's an excellent novel that blurs genres and looks at early-20th-century America from a perspective that's been ignored for far too long.❀CC1812MKX7R9BB224♦Trump has targeted DeSantis in his own campaign messaging, using personal attacks and his signature disparaging nicknames.♟


CareSouth takes other steps, too, to fight the effects of poverty and disease in Bennettsville. The center has a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay and an in-house pharmacy that uses a federal program to keep drug prices down.♢IRF60SC241ARMA1ⓞThe NRA didn't immediately respond to a request for a response.░1808Y5000153KDT♣Andrew Connelly is a British freelance journalist focusing on politics, migration and conflict.☆IHLW5050CEER1R0M01▣Biden's top staffers are increasingly framing House Republicans as more interested in catering to the right wing of their caucus than reaching a consensus on how to lower the deficit and increase the debt ceiling.♂

⇡Several major medical organizations, including the American Medical Association, say that mifepristone is safe and have urged courts to preserve access.✥C315C362J2G5TA7301❂The first changes in more than a quarter-century to how the U.S. government can ask about your race and ethnicity may be coming to census forms and federal surveys.➵


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GA0402A6R8CXXAC31G♨Baldwin has said the gun went off accidentally and that he did not pull the trigger. An FBI forensic report found the weapon could not have fired unless the trigger was pulled.卍TWSE687K050SBSZ0000◘The franchise did not announce a cause of death.✪

♣The worst epidemic in West Africa between 2013 and 2016 killed more than 11,300 people alone. The DRC has had more than a dozen epidemics, the deadliest claiming the lives of 2,280 people in 2020.▧


☻Wilson said she hopes the proposed alert system will work hand-in-hand with media and law enforcement to help families urgently searching for their missing loved one.⇄VJ0603D750JXAAR↾Teixeira has held a TS/SCI  — Top Secret clearance, with access to Sensitive Compartmented Information — since 2021, court papers said.™0603J0250681JXT⇤Hours before Saturday's main event in Baltimore, Havnameltdown, a horse trained by Bob Baffert, was euthanized after the 3-year-old colt injured its ankle during an earlier race.↜C1206X682M3GEC7800⇇Bong Young-shik, an expert at Seoul's Yonsei Institute for North Korean Studies, said it was notable how Yoon's government carefully tempered public expectations before the summit, which made it easier for both governments to present the outcome as substantial.✲

☆The delay is routine for 9th Circuit appeals and was expected by all parties.↢12065A152JA12AˍIn November 2021, Semhar Fisseha shared how her COVID-19 infection morphed into long COVID and upended her life. Once an active parent, she became debilitated and needed a wheelchair for a time.❏


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