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1206Y0500331JDR〓Before the program began, about 200 people were protesting outside Nickerson Field, the graduation venue, holding up signs that read ""Protect Residuals Not CEOs"" and ""Private Jets But No Fair Wages,"" BU Today reported."◘VJ0805Y333JXXAP▫Opposition Conservative Party of Canada Pierre Poilievre had urged Twitter to label CBC. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized Poilievre for what he called an "attack on a foundational Canadian institution."▌


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MA0402CG471K100◦Birth rates are slowing in many Asian countries, including China. In Japan, the government estimated that the number of births had dropped below 800,000 last year. This led to prime minister Fumio Kishida to declare that the low birthrate and aging population pose a huge risk to society.♨C0603C562K5JAC7867◦Ogan has not said whom he would endorse if the elections go to a second-round. He is believed to have received support from electors wanting change after two decades under Erdogan but unconvinced by the Kilicdaroglu-led six party alliance's ability to govern.


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C1206C224M5UAC↼The president of the Israelite Consistory of the French southern city of Marseille, Michel Cohen-Tenoudji said Benjamin Haddad, a father of four, was a well-known, very active member of the local Jewish community.↤CDR32BX333AKMP-ZAHAE♣Another one is that I trust the forces of goodness. That they're taking care of the universe. And I believe it. It restores my faith and restores a feeling of wellbeing.➛


→"Well," Streett responded, "when a coworker quits would be an obvious example."⇁CDR31BP200BKUP\M1K☣California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 89, has not cast a vote since mid-February, as she continues to recover from shingles. Some of her Democratic colleagues have called on her to step down, including fellow Californian Rep. Ro Khanna, who told NPR: "I don't know any other job in America where you can't show up for months, you don't tell people when you're going to show up, you've been sort of absent for a year or two, and there are no consequences."⇂0603Y1500620GQT웃A key provision in one of the first COVID relief laws gave states extra federal funding for Medicaid — the public health insurance program for low income people — but required states not to disenroll anyone for as long as the public health emergency was in effect.◙M39003/01-6181/HSD♪Over the past couple of years, Modi's party had been trying to maximize gains in Karnataka, where communal polarization between majority Hindus and minority Muslims has deepened after BJP leaders and supporters banned girls from wearing the headscarf as part of their school uniform. According to the 2011 census, India's most recent, 84% of Karnataka's people were Hindu, almost 13% Muslim and less than 2% Christian.➝

✎One of the more punitive provisions is that the legislation makes it a crime not to report someone suspected of participating in same-sex acts to the police.➬T95S105K035CSAL◇In its complaint filed Tuesday, Chipotle had originally accused Sweetgreen of trademark infringement, trademark dilution and deceptive trade practice. The burrito chain claimed that Sweetgreen attempted to profit off Chipotle's near-identical, directly competitive and well-known product.▣

▼The hybrid solar eclipse tracked from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and was mostly over water. The lucky few people in its path either saw the darkness of a total eclipse or a "ring of fire" as the sun peeked from behind the new moon.✤

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