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GRM21BR71C394JA01K▨On Friday, Cavanaugh vowed to continue her filibuster until the end of this year's session in early June and even through all of 2024.➙4232R-271K▭House Republicans also plan to add work requirements for those adults without dependents who are enrolled in federal assistance programs like food stamps. "Incentives matter. And the incentives today are out of whack," McCarthy said.✉


↟However, plans for a new exit for the train station prompted an archaeological excavation by France's National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP), which covers about 200 square meters of land. The excavation revealed burials believed to be part of the Saint Jacques necropolis dating back to the 2nd century, the research institute said in a news release.▍0805Y0160472MXT➚The other companies that had announced they would remove AM from electric vehicles — VW, BMW, Mazda, Volvo, Tesla, Polestar and Rivian — have not announced any change in policy. A number of other automakers — including Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Jaguar Land Rover — said they have no plans to eliminate AM. General Motors has not announced any policy on the future of AM in its audio systems.➼1210J1K00470GARΘRoughly 52 million Thais were eligible to vote in this election and turnout was thought to be high, as military-linked parties struggling to convince voters they should stay in power after nearly a decade of slow economic growth and a crackdown on pro-democracy activists in the past several years.➼2N2903A♜"His listing was the last one I needed to create and I knew I wanted it to be something adorable and relative to his size," she said. "I happen to own and adore a Mini Cooper and I knew the 'mini' part would fit him perfectly, so that's what I went with!"➢

➨One final point about Iraq and terrorism:  The last two paragraphs of the 2002 Iraq WMD NIE say that if Saddam were sufficiently desperate – that is, if his regime were at risk – that he might provide his weapons of mass destruction to Al Qaeda to attack the US homeland.✂M39003/01-6190HのEveryone in the Capitol and the White House has known for months that the day was approaching when the U.S. Treasury would not only run out of cash but also run out of ways ("extraordinary measures") to get by with an empty till.◙


ⓛBlacklegged ticks, also called deer ticks, are not insects, but rather arachnids, and they can carry more than a dozen rare diseases, including anaplasmosis, which is a bacterial infection that in extreme cases can cause respiratory failure, organ failure, bleeding problems and even death. They can also transmit hard tick relapsing fever, Powassan and Heartland viruses.↷CWR29MC475KCGB\M100▥But the bureau's estimated tally of the U.S. population as of Census Day 2020, based on a simulated tally involving administrative records from government and third-party sources, was 2.3% higher than the count's actual result of 331.4 million.ღSA052A200JAA➪"I don't know whether to go through that river," she said. "It's not so much the river, it's the barbed wire."⇥C931U360JYNDCAWL45▂The car drove through the Sant'Anna entrance to the Vatican at 8 PM, the Holy See press office said in a statement. After initially being turned away by the Pontifical Swiss Guard, the car left the gate and then returned at a high speed, "forcing his way through the two control gates," the statement said.❉

➥Last week Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal met with Francis at the Vatican and asked him to help return Ukrainian children taken following the Russian invasion.▦IXFH34N50P3♤"Manhattan is home to the country's most significant business market," District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement. "We cannot allow New York businesses to manipulate their records to cover up criminal conduct."☣


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CGA4J2NP01H223J125AA⇄They've no doubt seen the critical comments, too. In an AdWeek video, Jonas Oliveira, head of content for the IPC, asks whether those critics would be asking the same questions if the subject of the videos were Olympic rather than Paralympic athletes.⊠T356E226K010AT♦Key, who regularly appears to her son, may have a point. Mourning is inextricable from confusion; we blame the dead, we blame ourselves, we blame the world for being what it is, a place where endings are the only constant. White's book, which switches perspective between Colly and Key and goes back and forth in time, is a gorgeous novel about loss, survival and community.⊡


▧"I don't fit in the box that you all want me to be in. I'm too hood, I'm too ghetto. You told me that all year. But when other people do it, y'all don't say nothing," Reese said. "So this is for the girls that look like me, that want to speak up on what they believe in. It's unapologetically you. It was bigger than me tonight."➴T491B226K016AT7622●Earlier forecasts warned that Mawar would be even stronger, potentially growing to a top-tier Category 5 storm.▲1N1345A↷Children and adults stopped to stare at them in the streets. One press review described them as: "Black as black could be, but ... of gentle manners and charming address."D151G47U2JL6TJ5R▷The next day, Jan. 6, Barnett attended the Stop the Steal rally headlined by President Donald Trump, then walked to the Capitol, filming himself pursuing and harassing police officers, prosecutors said. Barnett entered through the east side and later claimed that he was forced inside by the mob there. Prosecutors noted that video showed Barnett maneuvered his way into the center of the crowd, made no attempt to leave the throng of people, and “when the opportunity presented itself, he entered the Capitol,” Assistant U.S. Attorneys Alison B. Prout and Michael M. Gordon wrote.♂

↾But November wasn't the first time Trump suggested harsh penalties for drug offenders. It was another event in Manchester when he delivered a similar message as president. Speaking to a crowd at Manchester Community College on March 19, 2018, Trump espoused a strong response to drug crimes:☎VJ0805D7R5BXBAC♨Hundreds of businesses and medical professionals signed letters warning that both the abortion ban and the trans health restrictions would prompt corporations and doctors to leave the state. A letter submitted Friday and signed by more than 1,200 Nebraska medical professionals called the bill "a direct attack on the medical community of our state."◆

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