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1N5352/TR8✯Moon Bin entered the entertainment industry as a child actor and landed a role in the 2009 TV series "Boys Over Flowers," which was hugely popular in Asia. His sister, Moon Sua, is also a K-pop artist, a member of the girl band Billlie.×VJ0603D2R0BLXAJ☪Killed in Thursday's crash were Chief Warrant Officer 3 Christopher Robert Eramo, 39, of Oneonta, New York; Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kyle D. McKenna, 28, of Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Warrant Officer 1 Stewart Duane Wayment, 32, of North Logan, Utah.↟


⊙Zadran, who heads the police force now led, along with all of Afghanistan's government institutions, by the Taliban, said the group "condemns such an aimless and cowardly attack on Muslims," adding a vow that those responsible for the blast "will be found and punished."◫US1K-M3/61T➵The violence against an elderly and incapacitated woman has sparked a national debate about the police use of stun guns in such circumstances and the competence of aged care staff. Police are allowed to use stun guns when lives are in danger.↽2256-23J✲Douglas, another exceptionally brainy justice with strong liberal credentials, had been antagonizing opponents for three decades before Fortas' resignation. Douglas had been named to the Court by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939, helping cement pro-Roosevelt control over the one branch of government that had defied him. Douglas would serve on the Court for 36 years, which is still the record, and write more opinions than any other justice in history.♂CMHZ5223B TR PBFREE↭Citing his status as a minor, the news outlet added, prosecutors ordered the student's father to be detained on suspicion of crimes against general security.➩

▰Harris touted the role of Georgia's two Democratic senators, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, in approving the climate law and pushing for provisions to boost solar.☺MBR140ESFT3G☪Located on the Parks Highway, the community is a popular place for people to spend the night while visiting Denali Park, which is home to the continent's tallest mountain.➞

◘In response, NPR provided Musk publicly available documentation of the network's finances showing that nearly 40% of its funding comes from corporate sponsorships and 31% from fees for programming paid by local public radio stations.⇜


☎In playing those roles, the Agency's performance was mixed.  As many people know, some of our work reflected the worst the Agency had to offer. Few people know, however, that some of our work also reflected the best the Agency had to offer. If there is a theme to this episode, that is it.❈VJ0402Y102KLAAJ32◘After McCarthy's speech, Schumer dismissed the proposal as unserious, telling reporters on Capitol Hill, "What we got today was not a plan, it was a recycled pile of the same things he's been saying for months. None of which has moved the ball forward an inch."▤S1812R-391J♂Update: U.S. fighter jets shot down the balloon off the South Carolina coast Saturday afternoon. Read the latest here.☀GA0402H122JXAAC31G❑Those images of physical violence (Warning: Graphic violence is depicted in the linked video) in turn sparked dozens of missiles fired from southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip against Israeli targets, Israeli retaliatory airstrikes on both territories, and a subsequent pair of attacks Friday on civilians in the occupied West Bank and Tel Aviv, which have left two British-Israeli settlers and an Italian tourist dead. The militant group Hamas has not claimed responsibility for either Friday attack, but instead praised them as valid retaliation for the prior behavior of Israeli police.☜

↣The Israeli military said it pounded Gaza with more airstrikes on Friday, hitting 10 targets that it described as underground tunnels, along with weapons production and development sites belonging largely to the Hamas militant group. There were no immediate reports of casualties in Gaza, but the Palestinian Health Ministry said that one of the strikes caused some damage to a children's hospital in Gaza City.♠2225Y2K50472MXR♦President Biden signed legislation banning the app from government devices last December, and has been considering an all-out ban if TikTok's parent company ByteDance, cannot find an American buyer. The U.S. and its "Five Eyes" security partners — Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom — ban TikTok from federal government devices, citing national security concerns.⇊

♬Carhart, who had provided abortions for the past 50 years, became a lightning rod for anti-abortion activists who opposed his practices. As the medical director of Clinics for Abortion and Reproductive Excellence (CARE), Carhart and his wife Mary ran two clinics in Nebraska and Maryland that specialize in providing second- and third-trimester abortion care.§


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