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▫Previous iterations of Comedian have sold for $120,000 — including one in 2019 that was promptly eaten by another artist at Art Basel in Miami Beach. Like Noh, that art-eater quickly proclaimed his consumption to be a work of art in itself.☜1210Y1000272KXT유Scholars from the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands recently analyzed the paintings and in June, they will go on tour in New York and Amsterdam before being auctioned during Christie's Classic Week starting July 1.▆STB40100CTR♙Two days after the author first spoke out about the offer, Scholastic said it had apologized to Tokuda-Hall for its editing approach, in a statement sent to NPR on Thursday night.▪100R-102M❄In mid-April Hyundai also announced it had partnered with AAA-affiliated insurers on a program to offer insurance plans to people who had bought cars affected by the thefts. Kia spokesperson James Bell told NPR the company was also working with insurers on a solution.⇏

✍His release in March, a little more than 11 years ahead of schedule, followed a ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court in December that granted anyone convicted by a split-jury verdict the right to have their case reexamined.☄VJ1808A220GEGAT☼As it stands, the Education Department said student loan payments will resume 60 days after the Supreme Court hands down a decision. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona told members of Congress this month that the department is “preparing to restart repayment because the emergency period is over.”✿


➳"On Saturday morning, April 15, we woke up to the sounds of gunfire, from that morning on we live in fear," says Hipa Salih, a Sudanese journalist. "I think we can die at any time. Nobody can feel safe in Khartoum now."⇗LQH43CN4R7M03L♣A junta-imposed state of emergency was due to expire at the end of January, after which the constitution states that authorities must set in motion plans to hold fresh elections.☈1206Y0250123GCR●Armstrong says federal and state officials need the data to identify institutions failing to provide proper health care, nutritious food, or other services that can save lives.⇠BZV49-C3V6,115◑The Daybells' children have previously said the authorities believed their mother was asphyxiated, but this is the first official confirmation of that finding.↫

✿The Republican governor is expected to soon announce that he will seek his party's nomination to challenge President Joe Biden in next year's election.▪C318C432GAG5TA◐Russian forces still seek to seize the remaining part of the Donetsk region still under Ukrainian control, including several heavily fortified areas.⇈


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0805J2501P50BCT■The COVID-era public health emergency measure allowed for the quick expulsion of migrants at the border and nearly halted the processing of asylum applications for more than three years.£K104J15X7RF5UK5♖She says the medicine had been helping bring her diabetes under control. She was getting it delivered to her home, but she didn't meet her copays and the bills piled up as unpaid debt.↼


☢But it was the text on the cover that best captured the crowdsourced mourning that would soon consume not just the city, but the nation.↘C0805X332J5GECAUTO✐Credit Suisse, which was beset by problems long before the U.S. bank failures, said Thursday that it would exercise an option to borrow up to 50 billion francs ($53.7 billion) from the Swiss National Bank.⊿C430C562JAG5TA☠Texas references and celebrities ran throughout the show. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith presented the first award.❑106-562H↧The U.S. was last reviewed March 17, 2021, where the committee issued 347 recommendations, 280 of which were wholly or partially adopted. In a statement to the committee, the government acknowledged and addressed several violations, including the use of capital punishment.۰

▰The event could’ve been a forgettable scare. But Majcunich-Beasley believed that rescue might have saved the life of her daughter, Malia Beasley, who was born that June.☞SPD74-273M▬Wright, a 20-year-old father, was killed on April 11, 2021, after Brooklyn Center officers pulled him over for having expired license tags and an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror. Officers discovered he had a warrant for a misdemeanor weapons possession charge and he was shot during a struggle as officers tried to arrest him.▒

↽"She's won every title there is to win in All-Star cheerleader except for a world title, so that makes this super heartbreaking for her," Shearer said, adding that the team still plans to be at the championships and "will definitely all be competing for her."♖


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