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▀"Help the beloved Ukrainian people on their journey towards peace, and shed the light of Easter upon the people of Russia,'' Francis implored God in his Easter speech, which he delivered while sitting in a chair on the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica facing the square. "Comfort the wounded and all those who have lost loved ones because of the war, and grant that prisoners may return safe and sound to their families."❤

♥The slaughterhouse in Dong Thap failed to provide paperwork authorizing the killings and detailing traceability.▃


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S1KLHM2G✯Back in 2011, there had been hope that Obama and Boehner would be able to reach a broadscale agreement that limited spending growth, including for "entitlements" such as Medicare and Social Security. It even contemplated new revenues, also known as taxes.■SCRH74B-390▯That, however, could come with consequences, like the issuance of a gag order, which does have legal ramifications.☻


▣A.K.M. Musha was also evacuating around the same time. He's the country director for the international nonprofit group Concern Worldwide, and his team reached Port Sudan on April 24 after joining a U.N. convoy out of Khartoum.↗1825Y2500683KXR↾Think of the tens of millions of dollars spent to get one cancer drug out of a university, into cell lines and mice, and finally into patients to be tested in clinical trials. That's a huge effort. It might take a decade. Those drugs that get tested in people have won a biotech lottery. For any cancer drug to be tested in people, the science has to be amazing. Scientists working on the drug believe it's a lock to work. There may be talk of a Nobel Prize or at least the Lasker Award. Everything seems sure to succeed. What could go wrong?♠FTC1210X7R102-223KNE➧For several years now, a persistent La Niña pattern in the equatorial Pacific Ocean has been easing some of the worst temperature rises, as well as shaking up precipitation patterns. But the World Meteorological Organization says that's all about to change.⇗BYV29FD-600,118☠"It could have fared better if released from its enclosure," Ibrahim said.♧

™Naomi is living in Woods Hole, Massachusetts; a geophysicist, she's on extended research leave from Columbia University. She's made her peace, kind of, with her separation from her husband, and now lives with her new partner, Tilda, who works at an oceanographic institution.⊞VS-60APU02PBF❈The vehicle occupants were unharmed in the accident in the northwest on a highway from Bogotá to Medellín, police said. The hippopotamus died immediately afterward and was removed to be analyzed, environmental authorities said.✐


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1808J4K00680GCR❑The northwestern town of Lingen, home to the Emsland plant, plans to become a hub for hydrogen production using cheap electricity generated from North Sea wind farms, Mayor Dieter Krone told The Associated Press in an interview this week.☁M39003/03-0321/TRぃLast year, members of the New Black Panther Party and other activists, began showing up at addresses associated with the aging Donham, including in North Carolina and Kentucky. They were there to serve unofficial "warrants" for her arrest and trial.↧


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