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⇙Nichols had complained of shortness of breath following his arrest and was taken to the hospital in critical condition.⇇

On winning a Pulitzer alongside a family member:☃

◈The governor's office said Ivey first asked Cooper to "send a memo to disavow this book and to immediately discontinue its use." Ivey's office did not say how Cooper responded but that the governor made the decision to replace Cooper and accepted her resignation. Cooper could not immediately be reached for comment.º


∴Another Yellowstone bison calf was euthanized following human interference in 2016. Edward O'Brien of Montana Public Radio reported that two tourists placed the calf in their car and drove it to a nearby park facility because they "thought the animal looked cold and uncomfortable."☆C328C102F3G5TA∷Born to Mexican American parents, Cavazos was commissioned into the Army in 1951 after graduating from Texas Technical University and later went to fight in the Korean War. There, he was a member of the Borinqueneers, a famed unit of mostly Spanish-speaking Puerto Rican soldiers. He later led troops in the Vietnam War.▤C1206C105M3RACTU↹Tuesday's incident comes on the heels of two other high-profile instances of young people getting shot after allegedly approaching the wrong house, which have renewed focus and debate around "stand your ground" laws.♈PM5022S-101M☏Jill Miller was facing life in prison for second-degree murder, but after hours of deliberation, the jury was deadlocked at 8-4 over whether to convict.☣

▐The Salvadoran Soccer Federation said in a statement that it regretted what had happened and voiced support for the victims' families.◎IRLR4343TRL♦Mushroom poisoning is often a case of mistaken identity➶


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T491D685K035AT4160░During a pregame news conference before the season's regular season finale against the Dallas Mavericks, Popovich, who has coached the Spurs for the past 27 years, bypassed conversations about his retirement and singled out congressional politicians such as Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan for their apparent inaction.♪CDR32BP101BKWPAP↾Jones and Pearson, both of whom are Black, were voted out of the Tennessee House on Thursday for their actions that took place in response to the deadly school shooting in Nashville.▒


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