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☄"In one line that Salazar suggested to the songwriter, he boasted: 'I wanted to study and became a soldier, but I liked the fast life better,'" the office said.♧


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TM3E107K016EBA❐The Xiniwes and two other members of the choir left after a year to return to South Africa, says Erlmann. The rest carried on for another year, despite the emotional and financial difficulties.ºCBR02C180J8GAC◎"I don't know how the credit score is like, scoring," says My Nguyen, a neuroscience student at the University of Illinois Chicago who's from Vietnam. At 20, she's the first in her family to have to sort it out. She wants to qualify for a student loan to attend medical school.❀


↘"I didn't think we'd get down safely," she told STV News. "When we did, we clapped and cheered and whistled."◈0603J2000270KAR↰Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), called the reports "deeply troubling."↠GCJ21BR72A273MA01K↿France will make its tank decision based on three criteria, Macron said: that sharing the equipment does not lead to an escalation of the conflict, that it would provide efficient and workable help when training time is taken into account, and that it wouldn't weaken France's own military.◇SR155A100JAR▤"We are preparing a counterattack for the illegally occupied areas based on our constitutionally definied legitimate borders, which are recognized internationally," Zelenskyy said.⇡

✥"We're asking everyone for your help so we can bring this suspect — or this monster, I will call him — to justice," said FBI Houston special agent in charge James Smith.AWK107BJ106MV-T☛One of the guidelines for collecting data on sexual orientation and gender identity that the Biden administration has released is to allow survey participants to choose whether or not to respond to those kinds of questions and "make an informed decision about whether to provide this information based on its intended uses, potential risks, and their privacy preferences."卐


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1206J1500241FQTⓔThe U.S. Army announced Friday that it has grounded aviation units for training after 12 soldiers died within the last month in helicopter crashes in Alaska and Kentucky.▢KVD101L154M32A0T00▩TORONTO — The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation paused its use of Twitter on Monday after the social media platform owned by Elon Musk stamped CBC's account with a label the public broadcaster says is intended to undermine its credibility.⋄

▫Robert Louis Singletary, 24, turned himself in to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in Tampa — some 600 miles away from the shooting — on Thursday afternoon, Gaston County police said.◘

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