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⇄"South Korea and Japan are in need of greater cooperation in the wake of recent events like Russia's invasion of Ukraine and China's maritime assertiveness that threatens its neighbors. The countries' need to jointly respond to North Korean nuclear and missile threats is greater than ever. Moreover, the countries face similar challenges related to their slowing economies and declining populations," the newspaper said.▆1206J1000102FAT✪Dugina's father, Alexander Dugin, a nationalist philosopher and political theorist who strongly supports the invasion of Ukraine, hailed Tatarsky as an "immortal" hero who died to save the Russian people.①TMK063BJ103MP-F▨I feel like I'm in a chronic state of despair over the various bad situations all over the planet, with my personal struggles on top of them. But several years ago, I walked into a hardware store that I hadn't been to in a long time. One of the cashiers (whom I didn't know from Eve) let out a loud "Welcome back!" and added, "I love how every time you come in our store, you're smiling ... it makes my day." I guess I was smiling without even realizing it and had no idea how simple smiles can affect other people for the better. -Richard Crank, Topeka, Kan.۰STF25N80K5◎An email was sent Sunday morning to DeSantis' office seeking comment. The Republican governor is expected to announce a run for the GOP presidential nomination this week.◆

▩There were no reports of deaths or significant injuries. But about 25 rudimentary shelters made up of plastic, tarps, branches and other materials were torched in a sparsely populated part of the camp. Many who lived there also apparently lost clothing, documents and whatever other modest belongings may have been left inside.↾S0603-47NH3S◎This story was reported in collaboration with Ryan Kellman and Pragati Shahi, with field support from Dipesh Joshi and Pasang Sherpa. It was edited by Neela Banerjee and Sadie Babits. Voiceovers by Jacob Conrad and Tristan Plunkett.▄


⇘Speaking to reporters that year, Maggi said that watching teammates get called up while he stayed behind had left him feeling like Samwise Gamgee, the supportive best friend of Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings.¤150D685X9100R2BE3▒Trump may be the most recent U.S president implicated in hush money scandal — but he's not the first.◢IRKL41/06A●Andy Makridis shares with us the analysts' mentality.♤LD051C152JAB2A▢Hiring is expected to slow further in the coming months, as banks become more cautious about extending credit in the wake of two big bank failures last month.↡

あEven as she tries to give her daughter the best funeral she can, she thinks she should have been able to get an abortion in Texas months ago. "This whole situation didn't even have to happen," she says.▯251R15S1R4CV4E☪These particular vulnerabilities came into more widespread use since 2021 after a number of TikTok users posted videos of the technique to social media.❄


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C388PB⇏In this anniversary year, Skoll wanted to call attention to this lesser known part of hip-hop history — which continues to thrive in 2023 with new rhymes and expanded programming for young people.◈0603Y025P470CFRˍPalestinian militants in Gaza vowed revenge. Dawood Shahab, an Islamic Jihad official, said there would be a "unified Palestinian response" to the strikes at a time and place of the group's choosing.✌


◀Yet in ensuing days, viewers peeled away. Major Fox News stars such as Dobbs, Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro embraced the claims that Dominion machines switched Trump votes to Biden and other far-fetched accounts of voting fraud. Along with Hannity and Carlson, they gave Trump allies the airtime to make similar claims.0805J5000332MXR↦The two agencies will be partnering with the local police department and the district attorney's office to attempt to stem trafficking of the deadly synthetic opioid.▤ER1537-28KR♢Other critics of the bill include the ACLU, which has also called the move a violation of free speech rights that "would set an alarming precedent for excessive government control over how Montanans use the internet."◐GA0805Y223JXABP31G▫An F-18 radioed in — 525 knots.♠

✤They found the number of McSCs lodged in the follicle bulge increased from 15 percent to nearly 50 percent. But in the younger hairs, which weren't plucked, the McSCs continued to move around the different compartments, picking up protein signals and producing a consistently rich brown pigment.➵RB068LAM150TFTR▦Majcunich-Beasley had finished an eight-hour shift directing planes at the Savannah, Ga., airport on April 15, 2005, when she entered the air-traffic control tower’s elevator around 10:20 p.m. When the elevator stopped, Majcunich-Beasley smelled something burning and feared there might be a fire. She used her training for directing planes in dangerous situations to remain calm.×

☃Bryan's populist crusade could claim roots back to Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson, the progenitors of the Democratic Party and the source of its self-image as the cause of the common man.♣


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