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➯GREEN: Most of my analysts were very experienced Iraq hands. They had studied all aspects of Iraq for years. Every one of them assessed that he would never we give WMD to terrorists or anyone else. Saddam was ruthless and cautious with a touch of paranoia. He did not believe in long term alliances. He assumed that any one of that weapons that anyone who received weapons from him would one day use them against Iraq.✍


▨After months of activism by families of victims of the Uvalde shooting, a committee of Texas state lawmakers on Monday moved forward with a gun control bill that would raise the legal age to buy an assault-style weapon to 21 years old. The bill will also prohibit firearm sales to those who are intoxicated or who have a protective order against them.⇜VJ0603D8R2DLPAJ◈This week, Rapp was part of a panel of three international legal experts, a kind of "people's court," at The Hague who reviewed evidence and heard testimony from survivors and members of the military against Russian President Vladimir Putin for the crime of aggression in Ukraine.✡C316C622F1G5TA7301✙Investigators found several prescription bottles and multiple scattered cans of an electronic duster that he used for inhaling.➩STL20NM20N▶Doubling back a little: When the sibs meet at Waystar Studios, Kendall and Roman make up a story that up on the mountain, Matsson went nuts and started threatening to pull the deal. Do they really want to approve a deal with this unstable person? When the senior team is gone, Shiv calls this out for the garbage it is. "Boys, you're not good at this," she diagnoses. She's hurt that they're not only leaving her out, but they're apparently trying to get out of the planned future where they all own Pierce together. The boys admit that they're trying to tank the deal, but they insist they still want to work together. And they're sorry they didn't tell her. "Can we do the huggy thing?" Roman says pitifully, and they do, but it's empty, and this is how the Roys ruined heartfelt hugging for themselves after like three days of doing it successfully.↘

ⓛBurger was more direct.♢GA1812A101KBAAT31G⊞"Did you ever receive anything close to tens of millions of dollars separate and apart from The Wolf of Wall Street?" asked prosecutor Nicole Lockhart.▷

◧He told The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper last month that his physiotherapy had been "agony" following his fall and hip replacement.卐

↬It will land in the digital graveyard with other once-popular digital news sites, like Gawker, the Awl and Grantland.▄


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  3. IRFR3708TR

ISC1812ES121J▇Carroll, a former Saturday Night Live writer, said they took escalators to the store's desolate sixth floor, where they teased each other about trying on a piece of see-through lingerie.↙FDMS8350L▍The birthday girl's brother, 18-year-old Philstavious "Phil" Dowdell of Camp Hill, Alabama, died as his sister knelt beside him begging him to keep breathing. He and another fatal victim, 17-year-old Shaunkivia Nicole "KeKe" Smith of Dadeville, were high school seniors. Also slain were Marsiah Emmanuel "Siah" Collins, 19, of Opelika, Alabama, and Corbin Dahmontrey Holston, 23, of Dadeville.➛


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