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✿Few anti-abortion groups are following that example by pushing policies to make it easier for people to get pregnant, give birth, and raise children. Most of those efforts are flying under the radar.♡

↾Almost in a matter of a single generation, America has developed an extensive, even casual reliance on debt. Its epitome is the credit score, which often snares newcomers into a financial Catch-22 — penalizing a lack of debt history and pushing many to take confusing, sometimes costly measures.◆

のEven though the production cut is only about 1% of the roughly 100 million barrels of oil the world uses per day, the impact on prices could be big, Book said.☂


▍Prosecutors in South Carolina say Murdaugh engaged in three separate schemes to bilk his clients of money and property.⇃CWR29KC226JBHZ\TR↘About a month after Nanuq disappeared, people in Wales, 150 miles (241 kilometers) northeast of Savoonga on Alaska's western coast, began posting pictures online of what they described as a lost dog.↛CKC21X104JWGACAUTO▽France and Italy said they would accommodate all their citizens who want to leave, as well as those of other countries who could not otherwise join an evacuation operation.◈CWR15FK684KBLB\TR▨Freezing rain and thunderstorms pummeled parts of Ontario and Quebec on Wednesday, knocking out power for about 800,000 people, officials reported.»

⇓When asked about whether a deal can get through Congress by a June 1 deadline, McCarthy told reporters after the Monday meeting: "I believe we can get it done." Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reiterated Monday that the nation could run out of money to pay its bills as early as that date.✤C1206C224J4REC7800⇎"Usually we've found that it's counterproductive in such a delicate situation as returning wrongfully detained Americans home to make public all of the work that we're doing to secure their release," State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters in Washington on Monday.×


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SJPL-D2VL₪The Albemarle County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said in a news release that the indictments relate to an event on Aug. 11, 2017. That's when a group of white nationalists carrying torches marched through the campus of the University of Virginia, some chanting, "Jews will not replace us."◦C0805C153K1GEC☭Public health officials knew early on in the eradication effort that the oral polio vaccine could spread far beyond the child who was initially vaccinated. This in fact was one of the benefits of the polio drops. It spread like other viruses in the community and could immunize unvaccinated kids in the neighborhood who were exposed as kids pooped out – or "shed" — the vaccine into sewage. In places with poor sanitation, the sewage mixes with drinking water. When unvaccinated kids consume that water, they gain immunity.➜

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