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◦All six face reckless murder charges in connection with the fatal shooting, the state agency said.♐MLK1005S1N6STD25◎The U.S. job market is showing signs of softening as rising interest rates and slowing economic growth begin to take their toll on hiring.☀C1206C101JCGACTU↕It is the first time Rutgers University faculty has ever gone on strike throughout the institution's 250-year history, according to WHYY.▩PE-0603CD680KTT↟In March and April last year, authorities tracked a wave of false bomb threats in places like Minnesota, making calls that were eerily similar to hoax school shooting calls made in October 2022 in Virginia, Minnesota, Ohio, and Florida, according to records of the calls obtained by NPR.➪

☽A Florida teacher is under investigation by the state's Department of Education after she showed her students a Disney movie that features a gay character.☻2225J4K00331KCR¤While pursuing that audacious ambition, Holmes raised nearly $1 billion from a list of well-heeled investors that included Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Those sophisticated investors all lost their money after a Wall Street Journal investigation and regulatory reviews exposed dangerous flaws in Theranos' technology.➦


✆The first is New York state election law, "which makes it a crime to conspire to promote a candidacy by unlawful means," Bragg said. In this case, that "could include" false statements, like the misrepresentation to tax authorities of the payments to Cohen.のVJ1812Y123KBEAT4X★Prior to the Iraq War, allegations of U.S. war crimes tended to focus on Vietnam or other actions the U.S. took during the Cold War.〓C0603C629C1HACAUTO◈On Wednesday, Trump launched a counterattack against the trial on social media, telling followers on his Truth Social platform that the case was "a made up SCAM" and that her lawyer is a political operative.▶1808Y0500681KXT⊠For now, people who enter the U.S. illegally could be banned from returning for at least five years, and repeat offenders could face prosecution. And many migrants at the southern border will need to show they were first turned down by a country they crossed into before asking the U.S. for asylum.▊

↨In a text to NPR, Hayes said, "I greatly appreciate the support from my city and my community. The love I have been shown by my friends and family will not be taken lightly."▨LQH2MCN330K02L⇜"That's the only thing I can do is take in her laughter, take in her silliness, her smiles, her hugs, everything," Parker said.♣


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1N4466US⇁"But now it is time for a new captain to guide the FAA," Nolen said in the memo. "I told (Transportation Secretary Pete) Buttigieg and notified the White House that I will depart as a new nominee is named this summer."✉1N4752PE3/TR12⇛The new pledge came after the U.S. agreed to allow training on American-made F-16 fighter jets, laying the groundwork for their eventual transfer to Ukraine. Biden said Sunday that Zelenskyy had given the U.S. a "flat assurance" that Ukraine wouldn't use the F-16s jets to attack Russian territory.▩


▒But Stetson repeatedly kicked Stallings in the face and head and shouted profanities, despite not issuing any initial commands. The criminal complaint says Stetson also punched Stallings and delivered "five knee strikes" to his face.◦C410C222K2G5TA☠But in January, the DOJ appealed the ruling, arguing that it could not be held mostly responsible for the attack and pushed back on paying damages. That position stunned gun-control advocates and received praise from the National Rifle Association.☪S1008R-153G☻The museum, which is home to the world's largest specimens of the moon and Mars, is offering $25,000 for the first 1 kilogram of meteorite found — but is willing to purchase other fragments, too.☻1206J5003P90CAT⇟News of Baldwin's dismissal broke on the same day production of Rust resumed, 18 months after the shooting, at a new location, Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana.➹

❉At least three other people were injured.▦GRM219R72A152KA01J✚PARIS — Colleagues of Arman Soldin, the Agence France-Presse journalist slain in Ukraine, gathered solemnly at the press agency's Paris headquarters on Wednesday, a day after his death, to remember the 32-year-old.⇡

☆"White rage is all about putting you back in your place," Anderson says.↢

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