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Post Date:2023-05-26 08:08:24

卍Congress has four primary concerns about TikTok. First, that TikTok collects data about you; second, that kids get addicted to spending time on TikTok; and third, that people can find misinformation and violence. Of course, all of this is also true about Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.➱

☾Rebecca Johnson, now chief scientist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., previously led the Koala Genome Consortium in Australia. She said that seeing the effects of the disease up close was heartbreaking.⇋

◦"Government critics will hail this judicial activism as proof that democracy is still alive," says Michael Kugelman, director of the Wilson Center's South Asia Center. "But it also means we are seeing two parallel confrontations play out — the main one between Khan and the state, but also one between the Supreme Court and the state. Against the backdrop of the political chaos playing out, these two simultaneous clashes risk exacerbating Pakistan's political instability in a big way."▭

▣A McCurtain County Commission meeting on Monday morning was attended by dozens of protesters, including Idabel Mayor Craig Young, KOSU reported. Idabel, which is located nearly 200 miles southeast of Oklahoma City, is the seat of McCurtain County.▬

►"While layoffs are occurring across nearly every division, we've determined that the company can no longer continue to fund BuzzFeed News as a standalone organization," Peretti wrote in the memo shared on Thursday via social media.◎


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