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PDTA123JK,115❣Host of NPR's Alt Latino Felix Contreras told All Things Considered, "Not only did [Daddy Yankee] become one of the most successful Latin music pop stars out there, he also helped create a demand for reggaeton that went global."➳C0603C223M1RACTU✉This year's guests have been asked to dress "in honor of Karl": a wide-ranging dictum, considering that over the decades Lagerfeld also designed for Chloé, Balmain and Patou.◙

❐"Today, I'm hurt," Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said, "and I'm hurting. And I know so many people out there are as well."➳


☪The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are helpful in setting overall recommendations for healthy eating, yet Nicastro points to studies that show how much variation there can be in how individuals respond to specific foods or diets. For instance, a published study showed that even when people eat identical meals, their levels of triglycerides, glucose and insulin response can vary.↺1F3TA↡What about repurposed approved drugs? Approved drugs can be used off label by physicians. What if, say, an anti-parasite drug cured cancer? Why not take that?⊙TAZH156K025CBSC0024☄However, Book said there are a number of complex variables in oil and gas prices. The size of each country's production cut depends on the baseline production number it is using, so the cut might not be 1.15 million. It also could take much of the year for the cuts to take effect. Demand could fall if the U.S. enters a recession caused by the banking crisis. But it also could increase during the summer as more people travel.★VJ1206A101GXQCW1BC░"This is a dream come true for everyone," Barnawi said before the flight. "Just being able to understand that this is possible. If me and Ali can do it, then they can do it, too."◎

◎"Given the unexplained sudden deaths, we have reasonable concerns about the condition of his horses, and decided to suspend him indefinitely until details are analyzed and understood," Churchill Downs Incorporated President Bill Mudd said. "The safety of our equine and human athletes and integrity of our sport is our highest priority. We feel these measures are our duty and responsibility."♦1808Y2500121GCR◣BILLINGS, Mont. — The Biden administration has identified more than 175,000 square miles (453,000 square kilometers) of old growth and mature forests on U.S. government land and plans to craft a new rule to better protect the nation's woodlands from fires, insects and other side effects of climate change, officials said Thursday.】


◇State authorities then issued a wider EMA, or Endangered Missing Advisory, for Webster and 16-year-old Brittany Brewer. They also added Jesse L. McFadden, age 39.☊5NR681KADCH↘Police found Lee with stab wounds in the Rincon Hill neighborhood of San Francisco at 2:30 a.m. April 4. He died at a hospital.◙BSS138PS,115✿Between the two cases, Manfredonia pleaded guilty to five counts of murder, assault, kidnapping and home invasion. Both of his sentences will run concurrently, and he agreed not to seek early release as part of his plea bargains, The Associated Press reports.↝1808Y0160472JXR↸Tuesday's statement by the U.N. said its head of mission in Afghanistan, Roza Otunbayeva, has "initiated an operational review period" that would last until May 5.↞

➴Early in President Joe Biden's tenure, his administration promised to play a key role in ensuring opioid settlement funds went toward tackling the nation's addiction crisis.☠1825J0100471JCR◎The effect, as Dominion alleged in its suit, represented an intense effort to win back voters alienated by that original Arizona call for Biden. Each new phase of the case — from discovery to motions detailing some of the findings through depositions and a review of millions of documents to the cross-examination of witnesses in the trial portion — brought the potential for greater scrutiny of Fox and reputational damage.☋

▧Calling Quietly Hostile a collection of essays is a bit limiting. These 17 pieces are more like essays crossed with stand-up bits, and that punchline-driven rhythm serves the book spectacularly well. Her voice is nonchalant yet authoritative, never more so than in "Superfan!!!!!!!," her sprawling breakdown of the original Sex and the City (a show whose 2021 sequel, And Just Like That..., Irby wrote for — and some say helped ruin, even by her own admission). From fanfic to canon, her admittedly controversial contribution to the SITC-verse is offset by her undying devotion to the series — which, to be fair, she serves with a healthy dose of salt.⇖

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