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◁Seeing Trump convicted would "definitely be a giant step closer in that direction but I don't think it'll ever be 100%" because so many people are "unwilling to admit that they were wrong or that he lies," she said.×

┲The "No Surprises Act," which went into effect more than a year ago, requires insurers to update their provider directories every 90 days. No insurers have yet been penalized for failing to update theirs, said CMS's Montz. The law also stipulates that if patients get hit with an out-of-network charge because they relied on inaccurate information, the insurer can charge the patient only the in-network rate.♕

☢At least 234 people died as the result of clothing storage unit tip-overs between January 2000 and April 2022, according to the CPSC, 199 of whom were kids. The agency estimates that 5,300 clothing storage tip-over injuries sent people to hospitals each year from 2006 to 2021.➩

◥"20 years of excellence. Thank you for making us part of it," the Syracuse men's basketball team said.◦


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EDZ9HUTE616.2B♨In an interview last year with the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Springer apologized for the impact of the show, saying, " What have I done? I've ruined the culture...I just hope hell isn't that hot, because I burn real easy."➸M39003/01-5035/TR☣President Biden's White House is blaming the "conditions created by his predecessor" for the way the U.S. ended its more-than-two-decade-long military presence in Afghanistan in 2021.►

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