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♙Chávez Rodriguez has served under two presidents and worked on Biden's successful 2020 presidential campaign.◇HZ15BP-JTK-E▫Some 16,000 Americans had been registered in Sudan before the convoys' departures. Families of trapped Americans in Sudan have criticized the U.S. for initially ruling out a U.S.-run evacuation, The Associated Press reported.↫CDR31BX681BKUMAC↘But these comments were different and unsettling in light of the incidents involving Yarl and Gillis, she said.◧1825J6300272KXT▧El Chapo is serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison in Colorado after being convicted in 2019 of charges including drug trafficking, money laundering and weapons-related offenses.➫

ЮElizabeth Simas, a political professor at the University of Houston, thinks Democrats in particular could have an opening in upcoming elections.✉VJ1206A681KXAAT◈In 2021, Jackson was granted early release by then-Gov. Kate Brown, but his conviction still follows him. He's had to heal relationships with his children strained by his incarceration, and he initially struggled to find work, since background checks would alert potential employers to his past. For a while, he slept in his car.§


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LBC2016T100M↬Talk this week of "economic coercion" by China had drawn outraged rebukes from Beijing. Officials attending the talks in this port city reportedly had balked at overtly condemning China, given the huge stake most countries have in good relations with the rising power and No. 2 economy.✪SP1812R-472K【"I think this has the potential to be one of the longer strikes," she said. "I think it has the potential to be one of the big ones."☼


♂A group of aggressive bees descended on passersby in Los Angeles this week and sent at least two people, including a police volunteer, to the hospital.↹1206J2500181MDT✌On Sunday, the city held a remembrance service in front of the Tops grocery store, reopened after the shooting, with a moment of silence at 2:28 p.m. ET, the time the attack began.❉T491A104M035AT2478┲Also Thursday, CBS aired a primetime special called The Last Last Late Late Show Special featuring taped segments with Tom Cruise (where they performed stunts and sang a duet of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from "The Lion King") and Adele, where they taped a final Carpool Karaoke segment.▤2225J1000820GFT∎Yet four months after entering the portal, Vaughns was still waiting.☢

∴The last time that the region shut down its salmon fishing season to help the population recover was in 2009. At the time, about 122,200 adult fall Chinook salmon were forecast to return to the Sacramento River.➦1111J6300181JQT▄In the runup to Russia's full-scale invasion in February 2022, the U.S. intelligence community intentionally publicized some information about Russian military plans.☾

▷One way to limit clear-air turbulence would be to avoid the four main jet streams that encircle Earth. Commercial aircraft often take advantage of these narrow bands of strong wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere to increase speed and shorten flight times.Ю


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CDR31BP510BFSM-ZANAE♠Now that he's out, he's determined to make good on his second chance. He's hoping to make a future for himself as an investor, after years of study in prison. But he's also trying to stay mindful of all the people who helped win his release and says he is determined to pay it forward.♨GA1210A471JBBAT31G卐Her absence was severely noted in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has set a goal of surpassing the number of federal judges confirmed under former President Donald Trump.✲

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