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☊Antioch sits in the middle of a storm of scandal after the release of violent, racist, homophobic and sexist text messages by the city's police officers.〓CDR01BP151BKUR↟Video shows a Range Rover SUV running a red light about 100 feet away from the bus stop before plowing into the group of people sitting on the curb, Maldonado said. The SUV flipped after running over the curb and continued moving for another 200 feet.◀C0402C270F8GACTUあ"If the current fast-rising trend continues, it could surpass the number of cases recorded in 2021, the worst year for cholera in Africa in nearly a decade," the WHO said.¤S4924-823H♀It's also possible that the ultimate goal is to inspire fear and sow chaos, a prospect that experts have urged U.S. officials and law enforcement officers to pursue, according to previous reporting by NPR.⇃

♨Information about the girl's name and nationality was not immediately available.◣IMC1210ER390K▫Young said on Thursday the group is at its earliest stages of discussing ideas and sharing notes.↨

✲Robert Louis Singletary, 24, turned himself in to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in Tampa — some 600 miles away from the shooting — on Thursday afternoon, Gaston County police said.➬

▧Zelenskyy will then participate in a session on Ukraine on Sunday, the final day of the summit.♢

⇟“Tens of millions of people will be immediately hit with bills for past due interest charges, courtesy of congressional Republicans,” Mike Pierce, executive director of the Student Borrower Protection Center, said on a call with reporters Tuesday. “Amid record inflation … this is exactly the wrong time to saddle working families with unexpected bills as part of a half-baked political stunt.”ⓞ

◊The discourse over the title change is arguably a window into a larger conversation about the future of the monarchy itself.╬


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