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↳The Federal Communications Commission and National Association of Broadcasters praised the legislation, which is also backed by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., Rep. Tom Kean, Jr., R-N.J., Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, D-Wash., among others.↘VJ0805A3R3CXQPW1BC☢It's probably for these reasons that IBM's former CEO Rometty doesn't blame her manager Pat O'Brien for his honest advice, though she acknowledges the topic was "inappropriate" and would be "completely unacceptable" today.♟TAJT335K010RNJ•In a statement, Pinduoduo said that Google had not shared more details with the company beyond informing it that the current version of its app was "not compliant with Google's policy."↯TS1608-3R3M★The social media company used to dole out blue checks to accounts it vetted and deemed "active, notable, and authentic," according to the company.☁

Step three: If the drug is neither approved nor in guidelines, is the drug in late-stage clinical trials? That usually means phase III. If so, then maybe a cancer patient can join those. If not in late-stage clinical trials, the drug is too early in testing to help most people who have cancer now.☣VJ1210Y223JBBAT4X❄She had been reported missing hours earlier — at 12:35 a.m. on Friday — police in Longview, a town some 24 miles south-by-southwest of the lake, told NPR.✌


⇕Born in Transylvania in 1920, Ferencz immigrated as a very young boy with his parents to New York to escape rampant antisemitism. After graduating from Harvard Law School, Ferencz joined the U.S. Army in time to take part in the Normandy invasion during World War II. Using his legal background, he became an investigator of Nazi war crimes against U.S. soldiers as part of a new War Crimes Section of the Judge Advocate's Office.☺0805Y5000220FFR☠After a six-day search, police arrested Manfredonia at a truck stop in Hagerstown, Md., without incident.⇝43212C↤What Barlow found was a rare rainbow sea slug, or Babakina anadoni.↔MPSA13RLRA▩Markets initially breathed a sigh of relief on Monday. But the relief did not last long.⇇

The customs service said it will still ban the import of child-like sex dolls or others embodying certain people. It said other countries like the United States, Australia and the U.K. also ban child-like sex dolls.✁MA1206XR123M500∎The woman's identity has not been released.⇏


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NVTFS6H860NLTAG↰"I am disappointed to have to WD this morning due to reaggravating my plantar fasciitis," Woods said in a tweet.⇂T491B226K016ZTAU00◈"In fact, it is a contradiction to say that you are thinking and praying and then do nothing. It is to make a mockery of prayer. It is to trivialize faith," he said. "We pray not only with our lips, we pray with our legs. We pray by taking action."♂

▍For hundreds of Oregon inmates, the decision means prosecutors must now decide whether to pursue a new trial, cut a plea deal or dismiss charges altogether. In Gillespie's case, he accepted a plea in which prosecutors dropped all but two of the charges, including the attempted aggravated murder charge. Rather than remain in prison until 2034, he was sent home on three years' parole.☀

◇Kishida's trip to Seoul drew intense public attention in South Korea, where many people still harbor resentment over Japan's colonial occupation.✉


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