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✿This May, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, signed a law that boosts criminal penalties for assaults against hospital workers and allows health care facilities in the state to create independent police forces. The law is a response to that testimony as well as hospital lobbying and data documenting a rise in violence against health care workers. In enacting the law, Georgia joined other states attempting to reverse a rise in violence over the last several years through stiffer criminal penalties and enhanced law enforcement.✥


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HGTG12N60B3♀In 2021, Queen Elizabeth appointed Camilla a "Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter," the most senior order of knighthood in the British honors system.VJ1210Y272MLCAJ32◐The Florida Department of Education announced Tuesday that it had approved 66 of 101 submissions for new social studies textbooks — some of which only got through after publishers made revisions requested by the state.▽


◦The 1993 fire at Blue Mountain Clinic was part of a particularly violent period of anti-abortion attacks in the U.S. that continued through the 1990s and 2000s, when clinics were bombed and abortion providers killed. Now, less than a year after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, rhetorical and physical attacks have increased against clinics that still provide abortions in conservative-led states.☂C322C473K3G5TA◤"I remember him ... " she said, pausing before continuing. "I don't want to say things that are too personal, but he notably covered my last visit to Kyiv. I want to pay homage not only to his courage, but to the work that you do, which is indispensable for us to know the reality of the facts, for us to know the truth of what is happening in Ukraine and elsewhere."⇊BT258X-600R,127✍When Austin became defense secretary he called for "stand downs" or talks to discuss extremism in the ranks. As NPR's Tom Bowman reported at the time:♚GR442QR73D221KW01K▨The concern about repercussions for women's health is being raised not just by abortion rights advocates. One recent warning comes from Jerome Adams, who served as surgeon general in the Trump administration and is now working on health equity issues at Purdue University in Indiana.☣

£"You're going to have to listen," Wade cried out in the council chambers. Her words were directed at the councilmembers, Mayor Lamar Thorpe, and police chief Steven Ford, who joined the department last year, after most of the text messages were sent.∎1812Y6300123KETºThe growth of Netflix's video streaming service has been slowing down over the past year, prompting management to put more emphasis on boosting profits. That focus may have also contributed to the decision to close an operation that was becoming a financial drain.

↔"Maybe I could change somebody's life out there," Gillespie says. "[If] I could stop one act of somebody maybe thinking about going and doing a shooting, I could tell them, 'Look, I've been in that circumstance,' and I maybe talk somebody down off of something like that. It would make it all the worthwhile for me."➢

▍Paying for diabetes care along with bills for food and housing has been a constant financial strain that eventually put her in debt.ˍ

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