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♔"The banking system of Europe has not fully recovered from the crisis" in 2008, he said. "It's better, of course, than it used to be, but it's vulnerable."⚘AIAP-01-120K-T◈"We are united because we are strong. We are strong because we are united," the Ukrainian leader said in a video address as he marked Ukraine Unity Day, which commemorates when east and west Ukraine were united in 1919.▷1808J6300682MXR☼The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Thursday it had officially eliminated restrictions that had previously prohibited many blood donations by gay and bisexual men — a longstanding policy that critics say is discriminatory.⇐C0805C123K3JACAUTO⇧COWAN: The government's chief science advisor wasted little time, arguing that Iraq has given the UN every shred of information it has about its weapons program. But if that's still not enough, he offered to let the CIA into Iraq to see for itself➲

♪For those who have covered Trump rallies, these are not uncommon sentiments. But they are out of step with where most Americans are.▶VJ0603A3R3CXACW1BC➧Forgetting about the piece of furniture for a while to try to wait them out also won't work, since bedbugs — which he referred to as "little, six-legged vampires" — go into a state of dormancy in the absence of food.


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CL43B824KCJNNNF♡Speaking during a news conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin, Zelenskyy said Ukraine's goal is to free the territories within its internationally recognized borders.✄1210R-221H♡"The rest of the IMG climbing team is all doing as well as can be expected given the circumstances," IMG CEO Eric Simonson said.➲


➽Outside the Supreme Court on Thursday, Khan's lawyers told reporters that the former prime minister will still need to appear at the Islamabad High Court Friday morning to complete the hearing that was abruptly interrupted on Tuesday.❀2474-04K◘Authorities say anyone who finds a grenade or other explosive ordnance should move away from the device and call 911 immediately.❄CC1206MRY5V9BB224☛"It is the tradition of this university, and dare I say the tradition of our country, to fight for freedom, to fight for rights, to fight for the ability of all people to be who they are and make decisions about their own lives and their bodies," Harris said to loud applause.■C1206X223J3RECAUTO7210▂"Queen regnant" refers to a reigning female monarch, equivalent in rank and title to a king. That would be Queen Elizabeth II.☛

⇁At large, about 23 out of the 31 genetically distinct kinds of salmon and trout in California are at risk of going extinct sometime in the next century, according to a 2017 report published by the University of California, Davis, and the conservation group California Trout.◈DD600N16KHPSA3⇙Akbari's hanging drew immediate anger from London, which along with the U.S. and others has sanctioned Iran over the protests and supplying Russia with the bomb-carrying drones now targeting Ukraine.⊙

❧Dr. Abeer Dirar told CBS News that she heard about the horrible circumstances at Argeen, including reports that two people had died there, and decided to do what she could.♨


☟Chris Mackensen, the Chief of Police in Jefferson Ohio, said on March 1 in a statement that the local dispatch center received a call "from a male identifying himself as Michael Clark stating that there is a student in the high school with a gun. The call further stated that the student had shot two students in Math Room 35." Mackensen also wrote that "the caller's information did not match the school layout."❀K392M10X7RH5TH5¤DeSantis has consistently ranked second in nationwide polls of Republican candidates. Trump remains the frontrunner, often ahead of DeSantis by 30 points.☪SF43GHB0G↴For starters, Americans eat much less of it, averaging just 19 pounds per person last year. And while the U.S. has been struggling with high food prices, those concerns and headlines tend to focus more on groceries in general.➫C0402C510J5GACTU☆The worsening attitudes towards weight comes as the number of obese adults in the U.S. has catapulted to 42% of the population, from 34% in 2008 and 23% in 1994, according to government data.♥

⇡Ahead of the meeting, a group representing the nation's largest companies urged action. Business Roundtable CEO Joshua Bolten said even the threat of default could come at a high cost.↰1206J5003P90CAT➙Above the Arctic Circle, the community in Kotzebue, Alaska, is watching sea ice disappear as the climate gets hotter. In the Western U.S., firefighters are battling increasingly explosive wildfires driven by hot, dry weather.⊙


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